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Partner’s and Institution’s comments

Every comment has been translated from Italian to English.

Andrea Bochicchio - President of Wärtsilä Italia

“Opificio Digitale – has declared Andrea Bochicchio, president of Wärtsilä Italy – is a great opportunity for all of those businesses and entrepreneurs that know that it is the moment to start a rapid transformation of the company, focusing on digitalisation and innovation. Opificio Digitale will make technologies available and will ask the entrepreneurs to form their own personnel and get involved to co-create innovation on the field, realising thus an ecosystem made of people, innovation in the factory and in the supply chain, and, most importantly, a new industrial culture. It is the beginning of a big project, one that we must share together to create new competition by applying to the entire supply chain the principles that have transformed Wärtsilä Italy between 2016 and today into an innovative and interconnected fabric, one that valorises people and innovates continuously its own processes thanks to technology”.

Michele Balbi - Partner EY

“It is essential to support and assist the companies in the integration of the digital transformation processes to fill the gap that from lots of time characterises this country. Thanks to the Opificio Digitale project, with the EY team we are proud of being able to support the enterprises in their digital integration, that goes from the processes of innovative technological development in the field of manufacturing, to the training of people and their competences, reaching thus benefits in terms of efficiency, competitivity, and environmental sustainability”.

Stefano Fabris - Director of the Workshop Institute of the Materials CNR IOM

"Participating to this ambitious project allows the realisation of one of the main missions of the National Research Council (CNR), which is developing competences in the context of frontier research and of translating them in a concrete technological advancement, favouring thus the competitivity of the industrial system of this country – declares Stefano Fabris, director of the Workshop Institute of the Materials (CNR-IOM). “In the context of Opificio Digitale we will develop algorithms based on artificial intelligence and on machine learning that will be applied to optimise the production chain”.

Stefano Casaleggi - General Director of Area Science Park

"Opificio Digitale is a strategic and visionary project, to which Area Science Park looks at in function to the world if small and medium enterprises. We want to give momentum to the creation of a manufacturing ecosystem, guided by the competences of a large company such as Wärtsilä, putting them to system with E&Y technologies and the research capacity brought by CNR-IOM. Opificio Digitale is a piece of the Argo program, objective of which is to fill the gap of digital competences, necessary for the competitivity of our system and of the SMEs in particular, reinforcing new extensively digitalised supply chains".

Sergio Emidio Bini - Regional Councillor for Productive Activities and Tourism

“Open innovation, capacity of networking, cooperation between enterprises of different sizes and sectors, digitalisation, contaminating with the world of research: this project speaks the language of opening and modernisation that we have identified as levers of competitivity for our production sector also within the recent SviluppoImpresa law. The project is inserted in the quick transformation of the manufacturing sector on a national and regional level in terms of integration and digitalisation of the production phases. Because of this we consider it a fundamental piece of a regional territory that expresses a manufacturing of excellence, oriented towards transformations that digitalisation is introducing, a fully-fledged Advanced Manufacturing Valley. The Region supports the project’s objective of accelerating this transformation with the awareness of the necessity of fund investment in this direction, that has obvious advantages for all of the production sector of the territory.”

Alessia Rosolen - Regional Councillor for Work and Research

“The most important aspect is the cooperation between public institutions, national and regional, and large private entities: in this case Wärtsilä offers to the enterprises of the territory the opportunity of deepening the understanding of technological and digital conquests of the highest level, in full respect of the “test before invest” logic intended by the European Commission, particularly within the Digital Innovation Hub. The small enterprises do not have to invest blindly, but following empirical experimentation of equipment or machinery of the highest level. This is a very relevant step on the cultural profile before the economic one".


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