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Two research grants of the University of Trieste to join Opificio Digitale

The University of Trieste launches a selection process for two grants aimed at research activities within Opificio Digitale

This initiative, promoted by the University of Trieste and supported by Wärtsilä, intends to select two researches to insert in the Opificio Digitale project for the next 12 months, possibly renewable.

A great opportunity meant for scholars that want to test themselves with the challenges of Industry 4.0

The first research program, “Architecture of data acquisition &Data analytics”, aims at the study of an advanced architecture, completely integrated with software and hardware for Smart Data Acquisition & Analytics and edge computing. The challenges of this research program consist in identifying and developing a hardware/software system that, receiving information from the field, allows the comprehension of possible anomalies in the current processes. This program also foresees the development of algorithms that will allow the implementation of continuous improvement and failure prediction/prevention logics.

The second research grant deals with “Platform development & Process and operational development”, meaning the study of a configurable software platform, structured in modules and microservices. The platform will function for the management of the supply chain and of the shopfloor, and is able to manage the logical status of the physical workstations, of showing the list of tasks to complete for each production phase, of recording problems and handle the flux of information and material between different companies and the supply chain. This program. Will contribute to the creation of the “operating system for manufacturing” with an easily scalable and cloud-based open logic, that will allow the creation and integration of connectors towards the main ERP systems, design, and legacy system.

The two research programs are inserted within the Bando DR n. 618 of 21 June 2021 accessible through these links:

All applications must be submitted no later than the 23rd of July 2021.


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