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Filiera 4.0

Opificio Digitale is a great opportunity for all those industries and entrepreneurs that have the clear necessity of initiating a rapid transformation of the company by focusing on innovation and digitalisation.



  • Breaks down the digital divide that characterises the most part of the SMEs of the manufacturing sector by providing solutions that allow to simply win the “starting friction” of the process of digitalisation.

  • Allows SMEs to access assets that would otherwise require investments for them unapproachable.

  • Valorises advanced training and brings it in the factory, making it accessible.

  • Allows businesses to experiment and think with means typical to start-ups, but working in the industrial contest and without time to market.

  • Changes the industrial culture.

Opificio Digitale will make technologies available and will ask the entrepreneurs to form their own personnel, and to get involved to co-create; through this process an ecosystem based on people, innovation in the industry, and a new industrial culture will be formed.


Opificio Digitale, financed by Mise and by the FVG Region, will help overcome the traditional view of industry, creating a network of agile and innovative industries, able to work with synchronism, thus being more competitive on the global market.

Grafica network smart manufacturing
Grafica colorata blu e rossa
Infografica Filiera 4.0 Opificio Digitale
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