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Opificio Digitale

Wärtsilä Italy is the leader of the Opificio Digitale – Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem project, the objective of which is accelerating the transformation of the Italian manufacturing sector.

Opificio Digitale is founded and financed under the national program Impresa 4.0, and is coherent with the global strategy of Wärtsilä, that has developed the Smart Technology Hub to rapidly and efficiently evolve towards the manufacturing .

Opificio Digitale is founded upon two pillars: the creation of an industrial ecosystem through the realisation of an open-source software platform that supports production, to share along the production chain and the realisation of a cooperative space, a physical location inside the establishments of Wärtsilä Italy in Trieste where interact and share technologies with universities, excellence centres, and businesses.


The operating result of Opificio Digitale is the integrated and rapid growth of the manufacturing sector: sharing the open-source software the digitalisation of small and medium businesses will speed up, the systems will be integrated, and the production processes will be improved. With the creation of the shared space, the businesses’ capacity of Research and Design will be amplified, thus creating an industrial environment that is shared by entrepreneurs, researchers, businesses, and research centres.

Both of Opificio Digitale’s objectives aim at innovating, harmoniously, symmetrically, and continuously, not only one business, but the entire production chain, involving in this digitalisation process the net of SMEs that develops around large-scale industry and represent an element of strategic development. The software, the technology, the shared environments will lead to the integrated growth of the system.


Opificio Digitale – realised with Area Science Park, Teorema EY, and CNR – is not a top-down process, where the leading industry imposes a change upon which an industry has to adapt: it is a harmonic and shared process, in which the added value lies in the cooperation and integration, where every involved business, independently from their size, can interact bringing value. This will lead to better quality, shorter delivery time, and greater productivity for the entire supply chain: in brief, greater competitiveness.

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